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  • 4 Pack - Black Pepper Paloma

    Black Pepper Paloma


    Tequila, Pink Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Lime, Salt Pacific Spritz Sparkling Rosé, Passionfruit, Grapefruit, Aperitivo

  • Whiskey Sour

    Harvest Whiskey Sour


    13YR George Dickel whiskey, honeycrisp apple, meyer lemon, cinnamon, maple, and cardamom

    Winner of the Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, the Harvest Whiskey Sour is made with 13-year-old George Dickel Whiskey, honeycrisp apple, maple, meyer lemon, cinnamon, and cardamom.  It is uncarbonated and 20% ABV, resulting in a luxurious, slow-sipping cocktail that’s best enjoyed over ice, or served hot!

  • Navy Strength Gin & Tonic


    Navy Strength Gin & Tonic Water

  • Pacific Spritz


    A love letter to the timeless Aperitivo Spritz that weaves tropical passionfruit and tangy grapefruit in with our signature aperitivo and crisp rosé wine. The result is a bright, breezy, bubbly cocktail with a hint of bitterness and subtle complexity.

  • Whiskey Mule


    Whiskey, Ginger Beer, Lime

  • 4pack Yuzu Sunset Fizz

    Yuzu Sunset Fizz


    Vodka, Yuzu, Peach, Key Lime, Jasmine